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Taking Recovery One Day at a Time

It has been used so often that sometimes it can seem that, “One Day At A Time,” is just an old, overused, cliche. In recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, it becomes a comforting reality that all we have to do is to stay clean and sober one day at a time. To project that one can never drink alcohol or use drugs ever again is too much to fathom for those in early recovery, or at any stage in their recovery, for that matter.

We are given tools, support, meetings, sponsors, phone numbers, the 12 steps, and much more, to make it through each day. We learn that in recovery, all we have to manage is today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not yet here. Today, our main focus is on how to stay clean and sober and help others to achieve sobriety.

Moments become more precious and we begin to be aware of how much beauty and good there really is in this world when we are clear enough to see it and embrace it. A beautiful sunset, the birds singing, catching one’e self laughing for the first time in a long time, letting others in. With each passing day in sobriety, we really do begin recovering physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Life becomes worth living again. And, we look forward to what each new day may bring.

We learn to do the “next right thing” in the program and leave the results up to a power greater than ourselves. We plant the seeds, water them, tend to them, and allow them the time they need to germinate and grow. Each day has 24 hours. Time for play, work, and rest. Each morning brings with it new possibilities.

And then seemingly out of nowhere, hope begins to blossom.

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